Many backyards now boast their own pond and water garden.

Once people have a pond or Japanese water garden bridge then the next thing they feel is missing is a garden bridges, center piece to their new landscaped garden .On the internet you will find no lack of companies offering gardenbridges such as

The most popular of these appear to be garden bridges. There are plenty of designs available that you can buy. But to find someone to custom build for you to the size and style of bridge you need might be more difficult to find. Custom Built Garden Bridges Redwood! One of the most popular styles of custom built garden bridges are those that hark back to the past such as those found in Japanese water gardens with the nice arched design.You can have your custom bridge built with tall posts, short posts, arched bridges and bridges with stairs. When you have decided on the style that you want then craftsmen will come along and measure your pond or the area in your garden where you want the bridge.

They will then draw up plans for the structure and build it according to your specifications. If you don’t like the styles that are already on offer then you can tell the craftsman they sort of structure that you want and the material that you want it in. They will then tell you if such a structure is viable because some styles just will not conform to the engineering specifications that are used to ensure that a structure safe to use.

If you are considering having a custom built garden bridges then you also need to look at the rest of your garden to see what style would best fit with your landscape. info@redwoodgardenbridges.com559-325-2597ClovisFeature Articles, CA


Building Quality handcrafted Garden Bridges at affordable prices for use in your garden, landscape yard, water garden or pond. Serving the entire USA since 1996. makes your search easy on koi pond, creek or landscaping. This is the right and ideal place you have landed in. This web site offers you details about the top quality Garden bridges which is custom made to the size you require. It offers you the best prices and unbelievably the best quality. These bridges are made from the companies own design and the bridges are solely custom made; hand made and is with hand selected California redwood.

In addition, in this web page you can also view the picture gallery of the different garden bridges and can select the one you like. As the sun sets and you gaze across the water garden and think of different ideas for a centerpiece or focal point to your tranquil garden area. Darkness gathers around and you decide to turn in and ponder the options as you rest for the night. For ages these same questions arise from many different people in many countries and from all walks of life. What are the different answers that have materialized over the decades?

The answers are many and varied and yet there turns up one option that has been a favorite since the early days and recently has became one of the most popular garden accessories for modern times?What is it??Just think how nice an arched Handcrafted Garden Bridge would look over your pond or garden. This is just what an early Japanese engineer thought as they looked over the town square on one sunny spring morning after a restless night of pondering the options available at the time. He decided to put together a plan on building a wooden arched bridge that would not go under water in the rainy season as it set over the low lying garden area of the town meetings.

This is one example of how and why garden bridges were used in the early days. Its not so much different in our modern times. The farmer uses low arched wooden foot bridges for his cattle and horses to cross streams, the homeowner uses higher arched garden bridges with posts and rails for his water garden area or fish ponds and others use garden bridges for yard decorations, for driving tractors over, for pedestrian walkways, flood control and even for handicap use such as wheel chairs. We have seen why and how the bridge was used from the early 1500?s to today but where do you go to get your own handcrafted garden bridge?

Joe Guraro at www. has been building quality Handcrafted Garden Bridges since 1998 and has personally designed many different styles to choose from. From a nice 4 ft low arched garden foot bridge all the way up to 40 ft heavy duty garden bridges with posts and rails and about every size in between. You can feel confident that you will get the best price for quality handcrafted garden bridges that are built from only hand selected California Redwood to last for decades in outdoor settings. Building Quality handcrafted Garden Bridges at affordable prices for use in your garden, landscape yardComputer Technology Articles, water garden or pond. Serving the entire USA since 1998.

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Handcrafted Wooden arch bridges and Japanese water Garden Bridges have been used for many centuries for things such as draw bridges, for spanning crevices, over creeks, koi ponds, gulley?s and in fact..

. Handcrafted Wooden arch bridges and Japanese water Garden Bridges have been used for many centuries for things such as draw bridges, for spanning crevices, over creeks, koi ponds, gulley?s and in fact anywhere to cross over low areas such as valleys, dips and depressions as well as water of course, even by the homeowner in his backyard. Some may think it is very difficult to build a wooden arch bridge, but woodcraftsman and website owner of,

Joe Guraro says" If you have just basic woodworking skills you can build a simple garden bridge that will be strong and beautiful in as little as 4 hours". He has posted a 2 page instruction on "How to build a garden bridge" free on his website for anyone to read and use. Old time bridge builders started making Handcrafted arch bridges many decades ago for his/their own personal use. Now days the modern bridge builders build them to beautify and maintain Koi ponds, water gardens and landscaped yards across the country ... I'm sure you have all seen those appealing pictures of Japanese water gardens all of which incorporate a garden bridges.

Other parts of the world caught on during the last 40 years or so along with the landscape and Koi pond owners.. The New age of builders bring an exciting twist to an age old form of arched span bridges, Handcrafted garden bridges and Redwood Garden bridges. The Handcrafted wooden arch bridge is usually made of cedar, pine, douglas fir and a few places use the more durable and weather, insect and water resistant Western Redcedar or California Redwood. Some bridge builders use only 100% California Redwood, which many consider endangered. We use the more hearty and abundant Western Red Cedar to build our Garden Bridges to assure many years of use and beauty at www. How should one measure a span when thinking of buying a handcrafted arched bridge?

When looking for a Pond or Garden bridge, you should know exactly how long thebridge will span. Some bridge builders sell an 8 ft bridge but it will actually only span about 6 1/2 ft. You should also make sure the bridge is made of weather and water resistant wood or sealed and stained, along with stainless steel hardware such as bolts, washer, nuts and screws. At use only stainless steel or galvanized hardware in all our bridges and on all our bridges we measure the span length that it will span and not the arch length. You should try to find a bridge that is very easily assembled and only a few tools required. We number and label each board, each post and rail and you just match the numbers and put in the screws and tighten. It takes an average of 60 minutes to assemble one of our bridges.

Down through the ages the wooden arch bridge has brought joy, beauty and comfort to pond owners, homeowners, farmers, landscapers and many others who have an area thatneeds to be easily accessed. I would be happy to build you a bridge of modern design or one styled from the early designers.

I also have posted Instructions on how to build your own garden bridges on my website at Feature Articles, complete with step by step guide and pictures. I appreciate each and every visitor and especially thankful to every one who has ordered one of my handcrafted Garden bridges.