Redwood Garden Bridges supports our Veterans. Bridges are not only used for restoring beauty to your landscape or pond but also can be utilized to help with rehabilitation. The Loma Linda Rehabilitation hospital contacted Joe to build bridges and furniture for the rehabilitation of our Veterans who were wounded in battle. We are proud to help with this project. We delivered 3 bridges including one 10 foot low profile bridge with handrails, one 8 foot bridge with different steps on each side and a low profile 6 foot bridge. These bridges are to challenge our veterans to re-learn their steps again.

Loma Linda Rehabilitation Hospital also asked Owner Joe Guraro to build some benches and chairs to match the beautiful garden bridges he built. I was up to the task and created beautiful furniture. This furniture that was not only for the enjoyment of sitting but also to help the Veterans relearn to sit in different heights an added form of exercise to prepare them for accessing vehicles in the future.

The staff that Contacted Joe who is very devoted to our veterans and their rehabilitation. It was a pleasure working with the project manager Mishelle. Mishelle was so excited about creating a space for the Veterans to not only enjoy the Bridges but to relearn their steps and when they leave the facility have the confidence they need for their future.

Once the Bridges were built we drove a 4 hour drive to Loma Linda in California from Clovis California. We delivered the bridges and enjoyed the beautiful facility. Mishelle had plenty of help to take the bridges off the trailer and put them in their place. We then drove back home to start building the furniture. We have been successful at the delivery of bridges along the California coast. We deliver from San Diego to Oregon.

Our last delivery to Loma Linda was as successful as the last. Mishelle and her crew were very happy with the furniture and it looked beautiful next to the Garden Bridges. Joe would like customers to know that they are up for any Bridge building challenge and have now added beautiful Garden Furniture for your added options. Joe would like to thank Loma Linda Hospital for there gracious order. We look forward in building more Bridges for other rehabilitation hospitals throughout the United States. We ship bridges all over the United States and delivers anywhere in the state of California.








Traveling is especially enjoyable while delivering our exclusive handcrafted Garden Bridges. Meeting great people, visiting award winning restaurants and staying in vintage hotels are a win win for Redwood Garden Bridges. On this last trip to San Jose we met an Italian family. My heritage is Italian so we had a great conversations discussing Italy and our hopes to travel there one day. Leon and his wife offered us a great glass of wine after putting there beautiful 8 ft, tall post bridge in place. The bridge was placed over a beautiful Koi pond with the largest Koi we had ever seen. The copper top lights were the topping on the cake.

Leon and his wife were very gracious in allowing us to take lots of photo's. We often find ourselves around such wonderful people who both compliment me on our website and ask us about all of our Garden bridges and how we design and build them. Most of our clients are fascinated on our passion for our creations. We have added so many bridges to our catalogue since starting our business 20 years ago. We will continue to add bridges of many designs and have also started a bench and chair collection recently.

We have delivered hundreds of bridges throughout California. Some of our fondest memories are of the coastal area's. We love traveling down the Pacific coast highway. Often times people honk their horns and give us the thumbs up while looking at our bridges on our trailer. Our clients love having their bridges delivered completely assembled and a t a very small charge, This is a true perk in our business and hopefully will continue on through the years as we continue to service our clients with the best customer service we can provide.






Traveling while delivering bridges often takes us to places we would not normally see. Recently we were able to travel to Oregon to deliver a garden bridge. The bridge was one of the most expensive and beautiful we have built thus far. It had thicker beams and high arch with beautiful custom designs in the rails. We put solar lights which put a final touch on this beautiful garden bridge. This bridge was 30 feet long. In order to deliver it there had to be a boom truck waiting to take it off our trailer.


With no issues the boom truck driver put this bridge in place with ease. The garden bridge was placed over a beautiful river that flowed water in a forest area. The family needed to be able to walk over the bridge to get beyond the river to a beautiful meadow. The bridge looked and fit in to the scenic majestic view. While standing back and viewing the bridge from the distance, we at Redwood Garden Bridges felt proud to be a part of this project.


Oregon is a beautiful state. Traveling with our bridges along the state has made us appreciate what we do. Our bridges beautify any garden, pond or yard for any reason. Some bridges we deliver have a purpose such as this bridge, getting the owners over the river. Some bridges we deliver only are used for beautifying an area and other bridges are an entry to a home or park. There are so many uses for our garden bridges.


We enjoyed our trip to Oregon from our home in California. It is a pleasure to be able to see our customers happy faces when they see their bridge fort the first time. We hope we can get to different states in our future travels and see more happy customers.