How to Order a Garden Bridge.

When purchasing a bridge at, you will speak directly with the builder and designer Joe Guraro. Joe has been designing bridges for 20 plus years. His shop is located in Clovis California. He and his 2 son’s work side by side to insure a quality garden bridges. Joe’s passion for building bridges has turned into a family business and the passion for the art will be passed down for generations.


When you first call you will speak to Joe Guraro and together you will discuss the application for your bridge. Will it be over water? over a dry creek? across a pool? Whatever the application, Joe would like to help you with measuring and designing the perfect bridge to fit your designation. This stage of ordering is the most important. Joe can help you measure and discuss the footings necessary on both sides. Sending pictures of the location can also help Joe in the measuring and designing of your bridge.


Once you have established the location, measurements and style of your bridge it’s time to place your order. On standard sizes that are on the website you may place your order online and you will receive a receipt immediately after placing the order. If you are ordering a custom bridge bridges, place your order at Joe will input the necessary custom changes on your order and send you a invoice and receipt.


Custom orders can include extra width, rails and sometimes for strength, extra beams underneath. Joe also offers custom options such as finales for your posts. There is an array of choices. Our number one option is solar lights. Customers look forward to seeing their bridge light up in the evening and usually let us know how enjoyable it is.


Once your bridge order is placed, Joe orders or purchases your Redwood and supplies. There is no showroom floor or inventory on hand. Joe builds each custom bridge once the order is placed. He then proceeds to build your beautiful custom bridge.


Your bridge is built completely in the shop and then numbered lined and traced. It is then taken apart and boxed for shipping. This process allows for you to be able to put the bridge back together the same way it was taken apart. Instructions are sent with your bridge and Joe is available 24/7 to assist you if needed. Your bridge 10 ft. and under will be shipped Via Fed-Ex ground. If you order a bridge larger then 10 ft., it will be shipped by truck LTL. You will be notified when your bridge will be delivered and at that time give special instructions such as Gate codes etc.


If your bridge is ordered and you live in California or Oregon, We can deliver your bridge fully assembled for a small fee. We enjoy traveling and delivering our bridges.


Our hope is that you are given the best service and product possible. Redwood Garden bridges cares about your bridge order from beginning to end. We have over 120, 5 star reviews. Please don’t hesitate to order with us today!


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