Japanese Garden bridge

Many of our customers are excited about their Japanese theme for their backyard bridge. We have many Japanese Garden bridges for sale including different designs featuring bridges painted red and black for a customers theme. We offer many selections of paint colors for our Japanese bridge. Red seems to be a common color as seen in pictures of bridges in Japan and are very popular here in the US. Short bridges with rails are also a nice design featured over water ways and ponds. We can paint any bridge design and also carry different stains as well.

When designing a Japanese Garden, one must create a space for a Japanese bridge. The setting of the bridge is very important. It can be surrounding a water feature or a beautiful Garden design without water. Japanese ornaments surrounding the Japanese bridge are also very pleasing. Some exotic Japanese plants including the miniature split leaf maple add a beauty to our designs. The Japanese Magnolia is a beautiful Tree that blooms in the spring. Adding these different ideas can create a wonderful space for your backyard bridge.

Redwood Garden Bridges has customers all over the US and abroad that depend on our creativity for helping you design or choose one of his designs. Master craftsman Joe Guraro and owner of Redwood Garden Bridges has just the eye to help you decide on which garden bridge will fit your garden style. He understands the complexity of so many choices and the desire to help his customers decide on a bridge that will last for years to come. Visit Redwood Garden bridges where Landscape bridges are for sale today.

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