Redwood Garden Bridges makes all size bridges

We recently delivered a bridge to Temecula California. It is near Lake Elsinore which is a beautiful lake tucked back in the high desert. The trip went smooth. The order placed at Redwood Garden Bridges was for one of our extremely large bridges. The customer lives in a beautiful home that has a water drainage canal running behind it. This makes for a non usage area because once the water starts flowing you cannot go from one side to the next.


Redwood Garden Bridges makes all size bridges that suit almost every purpose. This is an example of a customer having no choice but to find a way over that water. We discussed with the customer what they’re needs were when designing this bridge. They wanted to be able to walk across and enjoy looking at the back of they’re home. Also planting some flowers so from there home looking out, they could have a beautiful view.


The bridge Joe Guraro designed for them is a 32 foot bridge. This bridge has 3 heavy duty beams underneath for your security and a heavy load. The customer wants it to be placed at an angle as to  have a much better view.


This 32 foot bridge was first built in our garden bridge shop. when the bridge was completed it was partially boxed and all the components strapped to the delivery trailer. The customer wanted it delivered so that she could complete her landscaping and prepare for the bridge at a later time.


The drive to Temecula California was raining and gloomy. Once we turned off to the freeway that takes us to the customers home it turned into a beautiful day. We passed the San Gabriel Mountains and headed Northeast to their location. Once there we had to secure a place to park to unload the bridge. We had to block oncoming traffic and back up in the middle of a road. It was a beautiful location with surrounding hills full of wild flowers of all colors. There were 2 college guys there that were hired to help us unload the heavy load. This bridge required much work and help due to it’s size and weight.


Once the bridge was unloaded we checked our trailer over and headed to a very well deserved hotel for some dinner and rest. It was about 7 hours since we had left the shop to deliver this bridge. Another successful bridge delivery and trip. Also, another happy customer. Don’t hesitate to call us for your Garden Bridge.

Garden bridge 7

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