“Rainbow bridge “

The concept “Rainbow bridge ” was put together in a Poem and created for your Fur child. When a beloved pet dies, this concept is one in which there is a Rainbow garden bridge for the pet to cross over into a valley of meadows. There is plenty of friends food and water and our fur friends are warm and comfortable.


Redwood Garden bridge can create a Rainbow Bridge for you to place in your garden, creek or over your pond. These garden bridges are reminders of what our loving pets meant to us. A continual memory that lives on as we walk in our Garden and see the beautiful garden bridge as a memorial.


A secret garden can also be created for your yard. A special area that you have created to place your Garden Bridge. Redwood Garden Bridges can make any size. We build custom bridges to fit in whatever application needed. A plaque containing your pets name can be placed on the bridge permanently.


Creating and designing your bridge can be made in one simple step. Call the bridge designer Joe Guraro to ask for his expertise. He is an expert at designing a garden bridges to place anywhere you need. He builds bridges from 4 feet to 40 feet. He can modify a bridge in any way and even create a new design just for you. There is no waters uncharted and Joe’s eye for detail will impress you.


Garden bridge for your pet will keep the memory alive for years to come. Adding a Garden bridge to your home will add beauty and surely be a conversation piece for the neighbors. Call Redwood Garden Bridge and ask about our Rainbow Bridges or visit us at RedwoodGardenBridges.com.