Garden Bridge delivery to Oregon

On our most recent Garden Bridge delivery to Oregon, It was amazing the beautiful scenery and how nice the people of Oregon really are. Many of our bridges are shipped to Oregon and many other States in the US and abroad however, it is our pleasure to be able to deliver these Garden Bridges fully assembled. The cost of having a handy man or time for the buyer to put together these bridges can be easily remedied by asking us to deliver your bridge fully assembled. Oregon is as far as we have traveled thus far from California. If you live in Nevada or Utah we may consider delivering your garden bridge.


Redwood Garden Bridges always has many options for your bridge. We are a company that builds all bridges custom to your specs. The bridge we delivered in Oregon was a beautiful 20 foot double rail with solar lights. We put extra beams underneath and made this bridge 6 ft wide to drive a lawnmower over. Pedestrians, horses and 4 wheelers to name a few will have access to cross a moving stream yet otherwise might become dangerous.


Some of our bridges that are shipped all over the United states and abroad have significant purposes. Other bridges are simply for use over a koi pond or swimming pool. There are many uses for bridges that can add beauty to your home. Oregon with it’s beautiful green forests and beautiful lakes made this delivery a pleasure. Although a long drive, we stayed at a nice hotel near Shasta California. It’s nice to make these trips enjoyable and see as much of historical landmarks as possible. So when your ordering your bridge and want it delivered, remember that redwood Garden Bridges considers it a pleasure.