Walkways and Entryways Garden Bridges

For years now we have been delivering Garden bridges for the entry ways of homes and businesses. It is a beautiful and functional idea. Walkways and entryways can be boring when it comes to a beautiful home. They can be a focal point and centerpiece for gatherings and events at your home or office. When you arrive at a home that has a Garden bridge over the walkway you immediately take notice of how well it fits in to a setting such as that. It can have rails for people to hang on to so that you can find balance. It can be a pedestrian bridge and flat across the walkway or it can be arched with the hand rails for support. Either way it is a beautiful idea that will have your neighbors talking.

When we build walkway or entry way bridges, we add a couple extra beams underneath for support. We can also make the rails any height. If you have a tall family you can make them tall for hand support while crossing. If you just want a plank bridge with no rails we can make it as wide as you need. Also the solar lights that we add to the bridge add light at night and also a beautiful lit entry way.
Bridges really can be located anywhere you like. If you have an imagination then let your mind roam. We can build any custom bridge for you any size, width and height. Our Website offers so many unique designs.
If your entry way is what you choose then there are a lot of options to choose from. Call Joe the bridge guy at RedwodGardenBridges.com and let him help you design your entryway to fit your needs. If you do a lot of entertaining then you might want to roll out the red carpet on your bridge so as to not get it to dirty. This makes your guests feel special. Your bridge however, can be lighly sanded and resealed with Thompson’s Water sealer of the bridge should see a lot of foot traffic. Otherwise yourGarden bridge should just be fine with normal traffic. Let us know here at RedwoodGardenBridges.com if we can help.