While delivering our bridges up and down the California coast line, we see so many beautiful places. Recently we delivered a composite bridge to Rodondo Beach California. It was ordered for a condominium complex over looking the ocean. The Composite bridge ordered was a 12 foot pedestrian bridge with 4 posts and 2 rails. The added touch of lights was the icing on the cake.

Composite material for your bridge lasts 30+ years. The main reason people purchase composite is that it is low maintenance. There is no wood to seal and the uniqueness of the composite material adds a certain beauty to its surroundings.

The customers at the Home association at the condominium were pleasant and very happy with the garden bridge. One of the things not noted prior to delivery was that the garden bridge would be placed on the top of a mountainous area and not on flat ground. This unexpected surprise was settled by taking the bridge completely apart and walking it up the stairs to the top of the hill.

Redwood garden bridges does not install bridges so it was challenging at best for the association customers and their handymen to reassemble this bridge. The final product looked so good in its place that we will be returning to this very nice town to deliver yet another composite bridge. They have chose another larger and wider Composite bridge to go by a swimming pool entry.

We love when our customers order more then one garden bridge. We will enjoy the trip and the beautiful Redondo beach and the nice customers we will see again. Here at Redwood Garden Bridges we love what we do.